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The 'Diversity' Issue

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Diversity is top-of-mind right now.

It should always be.  


Continuing from our last two issues, we’ve invited world-leading businesses, clients, and esteemed academics to revisit key themes of dexterity, diversity, and digitisation discussed in issue 4, from the perspective of business in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With unstoppable change impacting every business—in the last few months and for the foreseeable future—we deepen our exploration into the concept of diversity with a curated collection of relevant, engaging and thought-provoking content related to the world of talent.




In this issue, our featured topics include:

  • How to support people with disabilities to thrive at work

  • D&I at a crossroads: Exploring the potential and pitfalls of 2020  

  • Re-energising anti-racism strategy and examining our values

  • Moving the dial on diversity and inclusion

  • Harnessing social consciousness to enhance culture

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the psychology of remote team
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