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The 'Digital' Issue—
New content and a new format for a new world.


In our last issue, we explored the themes of dexterity, diversity, and digitisation. In this and the next two issues that follow, we continue on those themes—now with the perspective of a world rocked by COVID-19.

In keeping with our changing world, we’ve also changed the format of the Catalyst magazine.

The time for paper-based magazines may not be completely over, but with advances in technology, our changing work environment, and choices on how we spend our time, it seemed clear that it was time to shift Catalyst from a content-rich, physical magazine to a digestible, completely digital format, that retains the same level of quality content.


Our first issue in this new format, appropriately The ‘Digital’ Issue, is the first in a series of three—followed by issues around dexterity and diversity in the coming months.

In this issue we hear from HR influencer Josh Bersin and other business leaders from around the globe as they assess and analyse the current state of business and provide insight to how other organisations can adapt and move forward. 


In this issue, our featured topics include:

Josh Bersin on Exploiting HR analytics during ‘the big reset’

Talent in a time of crisis: what we can all learn from the 2020 pandemic

Developing talent from within at Sanofi

How is COVID-19 impacting the jobs market?

Embracing technology to improve candidate experience

Five tips for addressing sustainable employment

Working environments for the future

The effects of long-term homeworking and how to support remote teams

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