Talent Acquisition in a Time of Uncertainty

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Q&A Sessions for Leaders in HR and Talent

Talent Acquisition is already hard, adding fear and change of any kind, makes it so much harder.

As companies are rapidly solving problems and adapting to the new reality caused by the COVID-19 virus, we at Alexander Mann Solutions find ourselves in the position of being able to help by sharing some of our experiences and expertise with organisations that need it.  

Throughout this time of uncertainty, in addition to the content we are posting on our dedicated website, we're bringing together expert consultants to answer your pressing talent acquisition and management questions.


Are you a leader in HR and Talent?

These Q&A sessions are designed just for you. If you’re not able to attend a session, but still have questions, drop us an email, and we’ll try to answer them during the session so they’re captured in the recording for you!


Q&A Session 5

Anticipate and Evolve: Virtual Hiring - The Next Level

Virtual hiring has been a necessary part of TA in the current situation, but there are many indications that it won’t disappear as restrictions lessen.

How do we move our virtual practices from a stop-gap measure to something that can deliver on all of our TA objectives?

Patrick Lockhart, Consulting Partner; Assessment and Development, and Beejal Pattni, Senior Manager Client Operations, answer your questions.

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Q&A Session 4

Keep Your Talent Engaged: Early Careers and Campus Recruiting

Jane Clark, Global Head of Emerging Talent Consulting, and Susan Major, Global Head of Emerging Talent Operations, answered your questions around keeping emerging talent efforts moving during this time of uncertainty.

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Q&A Session 3

Measure and Learn

Deborah Filkins, Senior Manager of Business intelligence, Hayley Gower and Jessica Dorin, both Head of Client Services, answered your questions around what is important to measure right now and how to learn from that data to benefit your organisation.

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Q&A Session 2

Keeping Talent Engaged

Sondra Dryer, our Global Head of Brand and Attraction and Stuart Brown, our Global Strategy Consulting Senior Manager answered your questions around how to keep your talent engaged at this time of uncertainty.

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Q&A Session 1

Considering Alternatives - Technologies to Maximise TA Performance

Iain Simmons, our Global Head of Tech Sector and Chris Wilson our Senior Manager, Technology & Operations Consulting, and Lisa Cox, our Lead Consultant for Assessment and Selection, answered your questions around considering alternatives to face-to-face interactions in talent acquisition.

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