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Issue 4 – Making A Workforce Fit For The Future

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Welcoming in a decade of dexterity, diversity and digitisation

In issue four of Catalyst, we again partner with world-leading businesses and clients to provide a curated collection of content comprised of exclusive views to help readers find new solutions to solve increasingly complex talent problems as we enter a new decade. After all, in a global marketplace, where competition for talent is fierce and vital tech skills scarce, leaders will need to adopt new approaches to sourcing and developing talent, while broadening the candidate pools they tap into. 

As this issue of Catalyst shows, digitisation requires people to adapt and learn; it blurs geographical and work/life boundaries, enhancing flexibility, but intensifying pace and complexity. As evidenced on the pages therein, to thrive during the fourth industrial revolution, organisations must have the dexterity to respond to unexpected challenges. Moreover, the content will demonstrate to you that instilling dexterity into the workforce and true diversity into hiring is a major part of this process.


These insights and more can be found in the following features:

  • A focus on digital transformation

    Is talent acquisition embracing tech?

  • Instilling dexterity into hiring

    Hiring for characteristics and fit

  • Managing contingent workers

    The ethics around flexibility

  • Beyond high potential

    Harnessing the power of the majority

  • Enabling social mobility

    Allowing difference to thrive

We hope you enjoy the issue and look forward to your feedback.

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