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What are the opportunities from digitalisation, STEM and D&I?

We’ve sought out the opinion of organisations from different sectors across the globe to bring you more insight into the trends that are shaping the world  of early careers.

Hiring and retaining top talent has always been the holy grail for companies. That’s why organisations around the world invest so heavily in their graduate programmes and their employee value proposition (EVP).

Not only do they want to attract the best, organisations want to ensure that they’re providing the right environment for their talent to flourish.

What once worked for Generation X no longer applies to the Millennials or Generation Z. Business leaders need to understand what makes graduates tick and adapt accordingly.


What will we explore in this white paper?

  • Is digitalisation killing off the human or personal touch in recruitment, impacting the candidate experience? Does gamification improve hiring outcomes or create
    greater bias?

  • How much of a real problem is the STEM talent shortage around the world? Is enough being done to increase numbers of women and under-represented groups?

  • Why are organisations struggling with their Diversity & Inclusion initiatives? What does D&I actually mean to the new generation of graduates?





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