Digital Series – The Forgotten Workforce

Chapter 1: Are We Neglecting the Hourly Candidate?

Digital Research Series Ch.1 Now Available

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82m Americans work in hourly paid jobs - this is the majority of the paid workforce in the United States. Yet, organizations that are dependent on hourly workers still struggle to hire the people they need to delight customers and propel the business forward.


We surveyed over 1,600 job seekers and talent acquisition professionals to learn more about the candidate experience for hourly employees and employers. Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research, took a comprehensive look at both the hourly worker’s satisfaction with the candidate experience and the strategies and solutions of the employers working so hard to engage applicants. 

In Chapter 1 of our digital series, "The State of the Hourly Worker is Bleak," we break down just how low candidate satisfaction across 6 critical talent acquisition processes really is – based on the real feedback from over 1k hourly job seekers.

This report digital series, based on studies conducted by Aptitude Research. A new chapter examining different topics facing hourly employers will be released each week. 



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