The Hourly Hiring Guidebook
Defining a New Standard for Candidate Experience
In 2020, we deemed hourly workers essential to our economy.
Yet, the candidate experience we deliver for the hourly job seeker doesn't treat them with the dignity they deserve - from lack of communication to an inconvenient apply process, we've accepted a poor experience for far too long. 
We think it's time to finally change it.
So, we partnered with the amazing team at TalentCulture to redefine how great the hiring journey can (and, should) be for your hourly job seekers - who, by the way, are probably also your customers.

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An eBook created to inspire action.

We partnered with TalentCulture founder, Meghan M. Biro, to explore why organizations are 'stuck' when it comes to making progress on candidate experience - especially when it comes to hourly workers.  Meghan identifies some of the barriers holding us back, and outlines how talent leaders can finally set a new standard for a better candidate experience in the year ahead.
Hourly Workers:
Essential in a
Changing World

Amidst our global pandemic, industries dependent on hourly workers were hit especially hard.
Almost half (47%) of the hourly workers that lost jobs in 2020 believe it is gone forever -
leaving them to look for a new employer or occupation, entirely. 
Hourly Hiring:
The New

Hiring speed will be critical, preventing impatient candidates from jumping to your competitor as hiring volumes grow.
Legacy systems won't help you rise to the hiring challenges that lie ahead -
explore 3 key components of today's redefined candidate experience. 
Hiring Teams:
Enabling Their

40% of applicants would take themselves out of a recruitment process due to a poor interaction with the hiring manager or recruiter. 
When hiring volumes exceed the capabilities of your hiring teams -
how can you ensure the candidate experience doesn't suffer? 
Transforming Experience:
The Value of

The goals of most hiring programs are simple - find qualified candidates and move them through the process to fill open roles. 
But, how can we create an outstanding candidate journey -
one that makes every job seeker feel heard, valued and appreciated? 
We're obsessed with making hiring easier for everyone.