Talent Acquisition in a Time of Uncertainty

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If you are an HR or Talent leader, and have any questions on how to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on talent acquisition and management, reach out to us via emailone of our experts will be in touch. 




It’s not news that COVID-19 is here and is causing real concerns for our health, our economy, and so much more.

As we listen to our clients and learn what they’re experiencing, we know that an area causing big questions is the impact on talent acquisition, talent management, and the overall talent lifecycle.

As we think about how to help, we’ve identified five essential actions that talent functions need to consider and strengthen to navigate this uncertain time:

  • Strategise for Change
  • Consider Alternatives
  • Keep your Talent Engaged
  • Measure and Learn
  • Anticipate and Evolve

As many employers are trying to adjust to this situation and find ways to keep hiring operations going, we’ll be sharing some thoughts, tips, and practical tools to help you through. In addition to posts, we will also host virtual Q&A sessions where our consultants will answer your questions related to specific topics.

Check back for more over the coming days and weeks ahead, as we’ll be adding content for as long as the situation continues. Use the form on the right to sign up for updates as new pieces become available.


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